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The Play Big Movement

Jul 13, 2021

Chris Hanson is an experienced real estate agent who actively services the Newburgh, NY area, actively helping people find a home that fits exactly what they are looking for. He is a skilled real estate investor who was able to pull through periods of hardship and struggle to become the successful individual he is today through his tactful and strategical investments and careful goal setting.


In this episode, I speak with Chris about his experience in the real estate market from when he was just a young child playing monopoly. We also speak about different factors that one should take into account when investing such as working alongside inflation, looking into foreclosures and managing a careful plan based on your goals. In addition, Chris advocates for the importance of syndications as a way of maximizing your returns. In addition, we speak about the value of using resources such as brokers as a way of expanding your own knowledge base and making the best possible decisions.


What You Will Learn

  • How to manage asset allocation
  • Benefits of working alongside inflation
  • Understanding syndications
  • Imperfections of real estate