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The Play Big Movement

May 4, 2021

David Gonzalez is the “most connected man in digital marketing”. He is the founder of Simply the Coolest Affiliate Management Agency, which helps business clients generate more traffic and sales. He helps businesses everywhere create stronger professional relationships through tactics such as connecting online publishers with online product creators. Truly at the forefront of the Digital Age, he loves turning relationships into cash, where everyone is benefiting.


David speaks to the importance of developing key relationships with top affiliates and the success that can come from making powerful connections within your field. Having once struggled financially, David can speak to the importance and the value of monetizing and leveraging your relationships to create financial and personal success. David and I additionally speak about the immense value of following your passions. In exploring what you are truly interested in, you can create your greatest circle of influence and create a vital circle of relationships destined to power you to success.


What You Will Learn:

  • Leveraging and monetizing your relationships
  • Overcoming debt
  • Starting your own agency
  • Why love belongs in a conversation around money
  • Importance of finding people within your passion