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The Play Big Movement

Aug 3, 2021

Greg Kimble refers to himself as a “perseverance expert” as he has persevered through life’s many obstacles from divorce to homelessness. He has rebuilt himself many times, only becoming stronger in the process. Greg is the chairman of the KMGLife multimedia company and music school KMG Academy. An artist, innovator, and entrepreneur, he is also the CEO of The Final Percent, a company that encourages people to put 100% effort into living their best lives.


Greg and I speak about the importance of the power of association and mentorship in your career. Greg goes into depth into his life and how his connections helped him become the successful person that he is today. Using his life as a direct point of reference, Greg speaks about how his own experiences led to the evolution and growth of his company The Final Percent, as well as the importance of mindset and perseverance to get the most out of our lives.


What You Will Learn

  • Power of association
  • Human snowplow metaphor
  • Value of mentorship
  • Origins of The Final Percent